One mini 3500 euros and you could live the dream

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James and his cars you dream of reminded me of this the car which would be a dream car, a Minisprint.

On, the South East Lotus Owners Club forum one of the chaps started a thread about the new Mini Coupe, not going to go on about the esthetics of that. But I posted about the Mini Sprint and how that was the ultimate mini as a lad.

Here is one next to a normal mini:

Mini Sprint

Well one of the SELOC lads posted that you can one built from a donor car for 3500 Euros by Neville Trickett: 

Now located in France but oh yes. All I need is the funds.

I could live the dream.

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If you are going to get a Minisprint the best way to go is through Neville, then you will have an original Trickett conversion, lots of companies have offered shells and conversions in the past, both metal and fiberglass, and people have done them as home conversions, and whilst I have full respect for anyone skilled enough to do this I still think a car has to have been converted by either Neville (still) / GT Equipment or Stewart and Arden in period for it to be called a Minisprint, all the others are tributes to the original cars