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Hello everyone,

I do hope you don't mind me crashing your chat page. I'm in desperate need of help!!!

I do not have any idea when it comes to classic car racing/hill climbing etc. So my problem is this, my Dad is turning 60 next month (i'm sure he won't mind me saying as you don't know who he is!) He has just brought a MGTC 1946 for racing/climbing etc. I'm looking to buy him a race suit and I also would've loved to find someone that would make a custom designed badge that I've done for him. I've googled and read numerous reports and info but I'm still very confused as to what the regulations are with flame retardant properties. 

Can anyone offer me any advice on the type of suit that would best fit his hobby/suppliers and turn around time.

Thank you in advance for any responses, I'm very grateful!!

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The regulation on overall labels is K.14.3 (f) in the MSA Yearbook (the 'Blue Book') and says "where MSA/FIA regulations specify the wearing of protective clothing the labels on overalls ... may be verified by organisersfor compliance with regulations".  However in 35 years of competition I have never known a scrutineer check a label for fireproof capability (since they're outside the fireproof clothing) - however there's always a first time! It is however sensible to have the label sewn on with fireproof thread (even local sewing shops often stock it) as the thread penetrates the outer layer(s) of the suit.  If in doubt ask the outlet who supply the suit - GPR as suggested or Demon Tweeks - they will/should know.  Trust this helps.