Probable spam edited/deleted

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Post edited/deleted by the C& team.

See forum rules and etiquette for below explanation:

"Don’t use this forum for flogging your wears. Quite apart from the fact
that it usually turns people off rather than on, we have a team of
lovely advertising salespeople who are relying on your business to keep
their Smeg fridges well stocked with Veuve Clicquot. Give them a call
on 020 8267 5377 or e-mail ads.C& or use the
contact forms on this site."

GreaseMonkey (not verified)

Do I detect a faint odour of SPAM here?


James Elliott
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GreaseMonkey wrote:

Do I detect a faint odour of SPAM here?



I don't know. It certainly whiffs of it, but I can't be sure and am loath to delete something genuine.

I think we should vote on it and then I'll decide (or the original poster can contact me and let me know why it isn't).

So folks, is it spam: yes or no?