Renault 4 Cabrio Trim LIMITED

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I present to you the car of which I am a proud owner.

This is a limited version of the highly popular Renault 4
model. The car is manufactured in Slovenia 1991st Year. In Croatia completed only
four copies, and each copy is unique.

The car is garaged and very well preserved. It was driven
42,000 kilometers. Almost all parts are original.

In order to renew the spirit and splendor, car workshop for
old timers did a painting inside and out. Painting is done in the original
pigment yellow. Upholstery is also done. Tarpaulin for the roof was made new,
modeled as the original.

There is the possibility of presentations, meetings, and for
the right price possibility for sale!

This car is stationed in Croatia.

You can see photos on youtube: