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hello im currently restoring a few classic cars and i was wondering if there was a service out there that could supply new and used parts that have been rust proofed or have a place i can send my current parts to be rust proof treated as obviously some of the parts are no longer available to buy new

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What type of "parts" are you refering to?

 - Suspension arms etc can be plated or powder coated, as can many engine compartment fittings.

- body panels need to be undercoated and painted, though those under can also be undersealed with Waxoyl or similar.

- fasteners (nut, bolt & screws) can often be replaced with stainless steel, as can some brackets and clips.

- exhausts and brake parts need specialist hi-temp coatings.

It would help if you said what cars you are restoring and whether you are aiming for orginality or day-to-day use.

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Whereabouts are you located? I know Krown ( ) offers rust proofing for entire vehicles, but you could ask them if they will do it for specific parts. There are products out there that you can buy yourself - you'd need a special rustproofing gun for some

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