The, ahem, official Top 5 British sports cars. Ever!

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Dinsdale Piranha wrote:

Don Callum wrote:
No Aston Martins even in the running? Oh my good ness!

If some object to a Mini being classed as a sports car good luck getting an Aston past them!

You guys never heard of the Aston Martin Ulster?


Dinsdale Piranha
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Rich5ltr wrote:

You guys never heard of the Aston Martin Ulster?


Indeed yes and a worthy contender it may be, however, I sacrificed historical accuracy in order to suggest that I consider much later incarnations of the marque to be sports cars whereas judging from comments re inclusion of the Mini others clearly may not.  Of course what does, or does not constitute a sports car is a debate that probably deserves it's own thread.

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  Dinsdale Piranha wrote: Maybe the IT bods could arrange for a sarcasm font?

A sarcasm font? Call me old-fashioned but hasn't there always been such a thing? We used to call it "italics". Have you tried Microsofts new Sans Graves Font?

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1. XK150

2. E-Type

3. XK8

4. SS100

5. XJ220

Alastair Clements wrote:

Hmmm, controversial! Can a four-seater tin-top really be called a sports car?

3.8 Mk2

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 AC Aceca

Jaguar E-type

Jaguar XK120

Allard Palm Beach 57 model

MGB Roadster pull handle

Ashley 56 model



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This thread could run & run couldn't it?

No Alfa Romeo's listed, & not a mention of the great British competition car that brought motorsport to the post-war masses !!!!!        The DELLOW.


Dinsdale Piranha
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dellow.boy wrote:

No Alfa Romeo's listed




Now isn't that odd?

I wonder why nobody has voted for an Alfa Romeo as one of the all time top British sports cars............

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There are lots of sport-/super-cars from the UK that impressed me.

Here a small list (out of many):
1. Jaguar XJ220 (very fast and very nice shape)
2. Panther six (an odd cabrio)
3. Jaguar E-type series 1 FHC (a beauty)
4. 1992 McLaren F1  (a beast)
5. Lightning GT (the future - fast, silent, good shape and clean)

1968 Jaguar 420G 3-speed-automatic LHD

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From my (very) limited experience with sports cars, my top 5 will go like this:

1) Triumph TR6

2) MGB Roadster (pre-1970)

3) Caterham 7

4) Mazda MX5 (scraping the barrel)

5) Lotus Elan 2+2 (dubious one this)

Although many of my choices, by my own admission, aren't technically great - they are fun cars.

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1- Lola T70

2- Lotus Elan

3- Caterham 7

4- Jaguar D type

5- Noble M400