Top 10 classics at this year's NEC

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Graeme Hurst
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Been to the NEC this weekend? Tell us about your star cars of the show! (you can read about mine on: Top 10 NEC Classics)

James Elliott
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I'll second the Pantera on our stand.

The other 9 (excluding any of C&SC's individual winners):

Delahaye 135M, but I'll have the Chapron coupé.

Hillman Minx Californian (Thrupp & Maberly)

A lot of bias in this one, but Colin Chapman's Lotus Elite (wedge) complete with splendid history showing it with him all across Europe)

Austin A105 Vanden Plas

Triumph Dolomite Saloon (pre-war)

Healey Shooting Brake

The race Mangusta on the HSCC stand. Bonkers!

Slough-built Citroën Light 15 Speedster

The Tipo 250 road-going Maserati clone thing with a BMW engine. It should be so wrong, but the body looked just fantastic and you couldn't see the cycle wings/mudguards at all. An expensive toy, admittedly, but cheap compared with the work that must have gone into it.


Steve Horne
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Having set up the Alvis Owner Club stand on Thursday, I could not help drooling over two very fine cars for sale - A Rolls Royce Pantom II close-coupled saloon  by Freestone and Webb with R R and B  Garages and the Bentley Mark VI two door coupe by Hooper on the Hurst  Park stand; all can be found in Hall 20 not far from Alvis Owner Club on stand 105; we also have some Alvis cars for sale, alongside Fisher Restorations.  Come and see us and enjoy the 1940s and 50s-themed cars - the austerity period, when Alvis Ltd were struggling to get back into car production , with the TA 14 and 3 Litre. Export or Die was the Government remit and you will see illustrations of new models and prototypes devised to boost overseas sales.