Traversée de Londres?

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James Elliott
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The 13th Traversée de Paris takes place tomorrow, 600 classic vehicles taking over the capital and all the more important given the mayor's threat to ban older cars from the city.We definitely need a similar event in London, don't we? Who's up for it?

Here's a video of the French event


Mario Laguna
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Good idea, James. I would if I were there.
Everyone who travels to Paris for Rétromobile (as myself) driving a vehicle which is at least 17-years old is very worried by socialist Bertrand Delanoë's controversial decision. Let alone the Parisian daily commuters to and from work at the wheel of perfectly reliable Citroën, Renault or Peugeot brands, which will be shortly banned.
May be Rétromobile-Paris will lose its wonderful classic parking areas and club meetings at Porte de Versailles. And what about those not so wealthy who attend the event with their 17-years old everyday's cars?

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Retromobile is a major attraction and moneyspinner for the city of Paris.  The promoters of this event depend largely on the goodwill of classic car fans and owners.  It would be a valid, popular and possibly profitable move to re-locate the event next year and in subsequent years to a somewhere more classic car-friendly venue.

It would certainly give the idiots who run the city a nasty headache when all those local traders standing to lose money start to realise that the golden goose may lay elsewhere!


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Traversee de Londres? An excellent idea Mr Elliott. My Register (AROC Giulia 105) would be pleased to publicise and support such an initiative. Perhaps the event could be promoted with a Anglicised re-run of the Claude Lelouche movie C'etait un Rendezvous? Now that would get everyone talking!

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