Unusual Jaguar seen at the Swiss Classic British Car Meeting

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Chris Martin
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James Elliott wrote:

Chris Martin wrote:

Thank you for getting in touch, it is good to know one's efforts are sometimes read by those concerned.  Now we have a definite contact for the Bernath Citroën as well as the Jaguar featured above, maybe one of C&SC's European contributors can write the feature.  An interesting story, and a couple of very rare cars.  I would do it myself, if nobody else does before I get back over there next year.

Chris M.

I don't think I would farm that job out Chris! It would need to be someone I could trust, with the initials JE!


Well you coulda trusted me, but I can't get there 'til next year, so Good-On-Ya James. Go for it.

(Email sent)

Chris M.