VW Type 2 or one +any takers?

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I have just watched American Chopper, a repeat of the Lance Armstrong tribute bike, and American Hotrod-they restored a Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Woody estate, in the latter, last week it was a 40s Ford Woody V8 .

and now to complete a trilogy,there is a program on a split screen type 2-with the model feature elsewhere, I forgot about a VDub Microbus model with peace signs and all about it, in a box somewheres.

Iwas encourages by a hot rodder to go overnight on a run to the Sun Newquay cruise but there were hardly any yanks, rods,just a few primered jap cars with trick low/highrider hydraulics, a Hillman Hunter which in its favour was standard apart from a lurid light blue hue and a massive booted sound system-the rest were mainly lowered big bore exhausted Beetles, Varients, 160 ish Fastbacks and maybe even that 4 door real endined 4 door ugly bus somehing 11(not a Porsche 911)611?but I followed a nice 914 into the show having sought sanctuary in the Whipsederry, no camping thanks, before gettting back into the half mile an hour circuit of the Lovely not Newquay and show and shine VW Show.

Having been driven in a type one once and two (not split screen I do find some difficulties ever having had a very strong desire to own one, but my gran who travelled everywhere once brought me back a 50s Karmen Ghia model, that and the later straight edged ones yes I could live with-so anyone out there got one, likes them, has a good story on them or just thinks I'm plain nuts or just a sad ol git,not to be that enthusiastic-

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GBt wrote:

 and maybe even that 4 door real endined 4 door ugly bus somehing 11(not a Porsche 911)611?

GBt, did you mean the 411? Also known as the Type 4, there were two and four door variants, which had slightly strange proprotions, but I reckon the estate looked best. There was even a convertible in the VW museum, but I have never seen one in the tin. Meanwhile, if you like the Kombis check this one I saw recently at a local car show, it even had the right rego' but I am not sure what he had in the back as it was suspiciously parked with the Porsches.

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