Wedding Day Hire

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Hello all,

I am very interested in hiring a classic for the day in October, to transport myself and my wife to be from the Church that we are to be married in, to our reception (roughly 5 miles down the road).

I am enquiring as to whether anyone within this community would be willing to loan me their car for a short period of time on a Saturday in October (Payment will be given, of course)

I understand this may be an odd request, however any help on the matter would be greatly received. I should note that the wedding will be taking place in Marlow, Bucks.

Many thanks,

Chris Martin
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You either need to contact one of the many specialist firms who do hire out classics for weddings, or get a mate to do you a favour.  Offering to pay for the use of a private car may have insurance implications for a car not covered for hire.

Good luck !

Chris M.