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Hello all,

I am very interested in hiring a classic for the day in October, to transport myself and my wife to be from the Church that we are to be married in, to our reception (roughly 5 miles down the road).

I am enquiring as to whether anyone within this community would be willing to loan me their car for a short period of time on a Saturday in October (Payment will be given, of course)

I understand this may be an odd request, however any help on the matter would be greatly received. I should note that the wedding will be taking place in Marlow, Bucks.

Many thanks,

Chris Martin
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You either need to contact one of the many specialist firms who do hire out classics for weddings, or get a mate to do you a favour.  Offering to pay for the use of a private car may have insurance implications for a car not covered for hire.

Good luck !

Chris M.


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One of the most commonly overlooked things when planning a wedding is
transportation. However, how you will get to and from your wedding
should be one of the first items on your to do list. After all, it is
not quite a wedding unless the bride and groom arrive. While it is
important that you get to the ceremony, you might also want to consider
how you will arrive.

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First of all congratulations to both of you! However,I'm sorry 'cause I dont have the classic car that will be borrow in your wedding day. I see, your wedidng will be held in church. I've heard Dennys wedding chapel is great as well it's in Los Vegas. Maybe someone in this community will let you borrow their car for your wedding. It's a smart move that you are willing to give an instant loan just to get your dream wedding vehicle. Goodluck and best wishes!