Went for an MOT and had a great chat with the tester

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September and its the annual visit to the testers for
DVO. Coming up to 12 years, with my sorry rear, to and from work in the Elise.
So off I go to RG Autos in Slough, just of Wentworth Av behind a garage selling
very questionable S/H cars. By the way Reg has nothing to do with them.

Reg was not in even though his Triumph Tiger was
there. So Keith is doing the tests today. A grey haired old chap slightly bent
over and walks at a relaxed pace. Wearing a pair of faded jeans, a multicoloured
polo shirt, jumper over the top and an anorak.

So before we start we are talking about wooden go
karts for the kids, I have a chat about the dustbin lightning car I want to
make for my lads. The conversation goes on to some old cars from the past then
he laughs and starts about a few cars he bought and sold just after the

One he acquired was a pre-war Italian Al Capone
thing, Isotta he says, straight eight beast cost £85, went down to Beauleiu
auction before the famed auto jumbles and entered the car. Fell under the
hammer at £850. He did have to repair the block. Had a big crack down it, so we
made a plate for it, tapped it in and sealed it. Ran the car for a bit just to
make sure it was good.

All I can find re Isotta is this:


Another a he said he got his hands on was a BMW Mila Miglia 1 of 3 or so, small
thing 2 litre six up front with very small doors for the regulations and a low
ratio rear end (mountain sections). That one he sold for £380. AFN wanted it
for £300 as they wanted the low ratio for their own. AFN I said, yes Archie
Frase Nash, no me says that’s what AFN stands for. Well I live and learn.

The only thing I can find is a 328 Mila Miglia of which 5 were made and meet
the description. Wonder how much a 328 Mila Miglia would fetch now.


Great chat, had to get it cut short so he could test
my car, he had 2 waiting by then

Must go
and spend some tome having a real chat over a pint with him, great chap. 

His ending words were off to Jamaica to do some work re importing cars for the

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Images as I failed on that :(