We've had your dream classics, now it's time for your dream garage

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Louis Howe
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Ferrari 365GTC

Aston Martin DB4

Jaguar XK150 3.8S FHC

Porsche 365C Cab

Porsche 911 2.4

Bentley Continental S2 by James Young

Alvis TD21 Saloon

Mercedes Benz 280SL (Pagoda)

Mercedes Benz 280SE Coupe 3.5


Est total value £850K

Yes, I would love 250GTO/SWB plus dozens of others, including la belle carrosserie francais, but these are the cars I have always wanted since the first time I saw them when new.

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1) Mini Cooper S, 1,275 cc.

2) Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1,300 cc.

3) E-Type Jaguar, Series 1, 3,800 cc.

4) MG Midget ,1,275 cc.

5) MG J4, 850 cc.

6) MGA Twin Cam. 1,588 cc.

7) Austin-Healey 100/4.

8) Bentley, 3 litre, 1929,

9) Mini Moke Californian, 1,275 cc. (for shopping).

10) Mazda MX-5 Mk, 1 1,600 cc. (One car that will always work.)



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Hi All.

Ferrari Dino 246GT (own one)

Jaguar E-type 3.8 Flat Floor (own one)

Jaguar XK120 Roadster (own one)

Cadillac 59 2 door coupe (own one)

Porsche GT2

Porsche Carrera 911 2.7 RS 1973

Lamborghini Miura SV

Aston Martin DB4 Convertible

Lancia Stratos

Allard Palm Beach

Bedford CA Ice Cream split screen Van


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  1. TVR 1600M. It was my second proper sportscar. (the first was also a 1600M but bits fell off so quickly I sent it back after 3 weeks). Drving around in this beautiful red sportscar, in my early twenties - having the time of my life. Then one day it had a blow-out when my (now) wife was driving. She blamed the car, I said it was the tyre, it fell out of use and eventually I sold it. A couple of years ago I saw it for sale on a classic website - having precisely no money at the time I watched it almost daily for months remaining unsold. Finally my luck changed and a couple of grand came my way. I phoned the chap, told him the story, said I had a fraction of what he was asking for it. The fella, said - well, that'd be fine but there's a guy coming to look at it this weekend, and he's interested and at more money. I thought the guy was playing hardball, sat out the weekend and found on Monday morning that he'd sold the car. I nearly cried. So if you are the owner of DBV 37W, please get in touch, it was my first love and I'd like it back in my life.
  2. Caterham 1600. It was my first caterham, an ex-acadamy car and in super-basic spec. It had NO extras. I was persuaded into trading it in against a new superlight, and then that went in against an R500. If I had known then what I know now about tuning crossflow engines I'd never have sold it.
  3. MX-5. A mk1 car, Eunos import. As a mature student I went back to study architecture and the first installment of my student loan paid for this car. It took me to London every day, I've driven it to Le Mans and the Swiss alps. Best of all, because it's worth so little money there's no point in ever selling it.
  4. MG Midget 1500. I've stripped it out, the interior is a roll of gaffer tape and the bumpers, glass and windscreen have gone. I'm seriously considering treating it to a five speed box and K-series conversion.
  5. Ginetta G4. The Walkletts must be the nicest people in the car business. And Ivor will still build you one of these cars. It's like finding Colin Chapman in Cheshunt still turning out XIs.
  6. Ariel Atom. Just an insane brilliant car that does what it's meant to do with total focus.
  7. Lotus Esprit. Obviously it should be a white S1. I was a ten year old boy sitting in the Guildford Odeon when Roger Moore drove it into the sea. It's an impressionable age.
  8. An old Ferrari. I'm not generally a Ferrari fan, but I met James Allington a couple of times and he was kind enough to show me his collection of old Ferraris. A Testa Rossa racecar, a 275GTB and a barn seemingly packed full of Dinos waiting for him to "get around to doing something with them". He enthusiasm was infectious.
  9. McLaren MP4-12C. In orange, absolutely no options, full poverty spec. Might ask Ron if he could arrange to have the little showy carbon bits on the dashboard refinished in black crackle-paint for me. 
  10. An old-volvo estate. Because sometimes you just need to move stuff. 
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Phase 1 of the build..likely to be tweaked. Will add commenst later


1) Maserati 3000GT  Who doesnt love a Ferrari of this era, but to say 'I have a Maserati' is just a bit different.

2) Chevy El Camino  The Coolest Pick-Up in town Maaan!!

3) Ferrari Dino When I saw one in the metal, 20 years ago, I drooled uncontrollably

4) Alfa 2000 GTV

5) Porsche 356 Speedster

6) SL Pagoda

7) Mercedes 600  I fell over when I saw George Harrison pull up outside Abbey Rd in his in late 60's. Ultimate rock-star car. He didnt even lock it!!

8) Aston DB4 GT  My Favourite Car of all time.

9) Porsche 550 Spyder 

10) Jaguar MK1 It stalks the foggy back streets of Old Laandan Taan, looking for its next victim. The British 'Christine'.


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We're going to need a bigger garage...

Red Dwarf
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I’ve had a list of cars I’d like “in a perfect World” for a very, very long time.  It hasn’t really changed much over the years, just a few more modern inclusions.

 So it’s

1                    Packard 8 1937.  Sedan or preferably two convertible roadster.  The first ever Dinky toy I can remember owning.

2                    Willys Jeep.  Another long term Dinky memory.

3                    My 1978 Corvette – albeit with some expensive TLC lavished on it!

4                    Corvette C6 Grand Sport.  The C6 is the best looking Vette since my ’78 and the GS is the best combination of all options for me.

5                    1966 Austin Cooper 998.  Always regret selling my “concours” example back in the 70’s!  I wanted one on the day it came out and was thrilled to get mine when I did.

6                    1902-4 De Dion Bouton.  Or, a veteran car of similar ilk.  I’ve always wanted one, since I watched “Genevieve” when I was about 7!

7                    A “Derby” Bentley.  Do I covert Simon Taylors…..?

8                    A “Hot Rod”.  Tricky this, as I’m torn between a Model A or a ’34 Ford.  Or maybe a “custom”.  We were shopping for a “rod” when  we  decided on our Corvette in 1990.

9                    Land Rover, probably a new “Defender”.

10                Porsche 911.   One of the last of the air cooled cars. Another car I’ve wanted since it came out!

 Can’t apologise for the “vagueries”,  and certainly will never apologise for not having any Ferraris!

The "Greenies" are killing the planet! It's time to tell the world the Emperor is naked!

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AC Cobra

Ferrari 250 SWB

Dino 246 GT

Ford GT40

Willys Jeep (an original, not the Hotchkiss version)

Datsun 240 z

Lancia Delta Integrale Evo I

Alfa Romeo GTaM

Lotus 2Eleven

Audi RS6 (saloon)



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Here is my Top 10 garage. I must add that I am South African, and I have to consider spares availability and club support above anything else.

1. Mercedes-Benz W 123 (preferably a 230TE or 280TE)

2. Volvo Amazon (the ultimate model available in our country was the 122 S B 20)

3. Jaguar 3,8 Mark 2

4. Peugeot 504 TI

5. Citroën DS 23 Pallas

6. Mazda MX 5 ( I owned one, but was forced to sell it)

7. Rover P 6 3500 S (unfortunately, this model was not available in South Africa)

8. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

9. Audi quattro (the original version)

10. BMW 3,0 CSL.

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Sounds much realistic than the above quoted!!!!

But on current situations i guess Alfa 156 Sportwagon not possible for me.


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