What is your dream classic?

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Dinsdale Piranha
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David Evans wrote:

Good point, well made. So I reckon – it being money no object – Dinsdale could do with a 250SWB to keep his Aston company, otherwise it might look a bit lonely in the dehumidifed double garage under his South Ken mews cottage...

Careful with that sort of information, don't want common types tracking down my abode.  I suppose I could find room for a SWB if you insist.

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James where did you find a picture of my car??

Valve Bounce
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Do you think Ralph Lauren would mind if I bagged his Alfa 8C MM?

You could go anywhere in that. Don't tell him because but I might get it dirty.

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My all time favourite is between a Lamborghini Miura SV (still humming the Matt Munroe Italian Job tune) or a Jaguar XKSS.

I owned a Miura P400 in 1979,a friend of mine ex Team Lotus decided to upgrade it to  a Jotta ,we changed the colour from Black to Red with

Gold skirts and wheels.Fantastic car to look at and drive apart from when you were driving seat there was minimal vision,I remember coming down a slip road on to a Motorway and could not see any cars through the wing mirrors that were shaking with the vibrations or see throught the small door screens,so I just put my foot down reaching 100 mph in no time!  



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@ Alastair Clements - why is a 250 SWB a cliche? It's no different to anyone dreaming of a DB5, 250 GTO etc etc. These are highly desirable cars to us enthusiasts and inspire us all through heritage, movies, racing and the like. Naturally we would all love to be in a position to own one and if the right wad of cash came our way we would be thumbing the pages of Classic & Sports Car - or maybe browsing the pages of this site, to find something...

James Butler
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Ferrari 250s in any variant, as cliche as they are, have great reason to be.

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Well my dream classic is actually from the USA, by one of the greatest man in muscle car, Caroll Shelby!!

The original 1967 Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor

James Elliott
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Gosh, I have agonised over this long and hard, Short Wheelbase, XKSS, GT40 and Frazer Nash Traga Florio have all been haunting me.

If it was to be my only classic (ie my desert island car), I reckon it would have to be pre-war and a Riley. So an MPH fits the bill. Or an Alfa 8C (any one, not bothered!). Or a Vauxhall 30-98.

Then I realised I was being swayed by the money no object thing: it sort of makes you discount all the cars that are less than your mortgage as not exotic or extravagant enough. Now, fair to say that I have a decent sized mortgage so I can still buy some of my dream cars within that buget. And it comes down to 2: Dino and Aurelia B20 GT.

Both would be forever cars for me, but if I am only allowed one, I would have to very reluctant forsake the "Ferrari" and go for the Lancia.

Of course, I will have thought of several hundred completely different candidates by the time I press "add a comment", but at this moment in time, that is the decision. Horrible horrible question, thanks Martin.

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Always loved the Aurelia, and in fact that was my dream car when I was featured in "Your Classics".

I think I may have moved on (or back!) and would now prefer a Bugatti Type 13, in fact the very one below, called Cordon Bleu.

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I’ve just looked at this thread, but don’t need to think about my answer!  Apart from the car I have (Corvette 1978), this car has been at the top of my list since I was about 6 (literally!)  A ’37 Packard, and ideally a convertible coupe, but a 4 door saloon would do.   It doesn’t have to be a “12”, and Weight will do!  Something along these lines…:-


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