What is your dream classic?

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plastic penguin
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I'm afraid my car ambitions are modest. I would love - I know it's more vintage - a 1934 Morris eight. My late father had one before I was born and the photos are wonderful.

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Would like to get my sticky paws on the only TVR Trident Convertible Protototype but would settle fro a later healey or TR chassi'd Clipper Tycoon or Ventura.


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69 Chevy SS Chevelle. Such a solid. I don`t want to get rid of her.





Sir Driftalot
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This evening (and for the time coming) it's a Fiat Dino Coupé. The difficult part is deciding on whether it's a 2000 or a 2400. And furthermore I do not know another car, where it is as difficult to decide on the ideal exterior / interior colour combination: 2000 nero / rosso? Giallo positano / blu scuro? Azzurro metallizzato / goby? 2400 champagne / testa di moro? Grigio silverstone / rosso? Damned, I'll get myself a(nother) beer and rethink...

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Pre 80s TVR
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Since seeing it at the Doune Classic car show in 1989, it has the be the ex factory road test Aston Martin DB4GT - 40MT, such history and gorgeous in every way. Am I the only one who prefers the original Aston styling to the Zagato?

For the previous poster, the unique TVR Trident convertible was for sale at David Gerald's for about 2 years, why didn't you buy it to stop it going to France? Presumably for the same reason I didn't...




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Martin Port wrote:

Simple really - if money were no object, what would you like to see sat in your garage and available for the odd spin on a nice day?

Mine's an original GT40 - NOT in Gulf livery. Rubbish for shopping and not economical for commuting to the C&SC office...

That's one good classic car. VERY CLASSIC. I think it would be a good car to own.

beach bum
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I am torn between a first seriesLancia Aurelia B20 GT and a Ferrari 250 GT Lusso.

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1967 Bizzarrini
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Got it.                                                         


Don Callum
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Money no object?

250Lusso or AM DB4 or Maserati Sebring Series 1

Money only slight object

Alfa Sprint Speciale


Alfa GTV 2000

M3 E30