What should i buy?? new boy needs help

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michael aronow
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Hi all,

Im looking to buy a sporty classic  (60s 70s or early 80s)but just keep going from pillar to post. Id like something that is not a total nightmare to look after but am happy to give plenty of tlc. I love evrything from an Etype,  308GT4, 911, even the cobra replica tickle a spot..... ive been looking to spend 20ish  so all of those beasts arnt really on budget ....


Any suggestions ? 


many thanks

James Elliott
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Personally, with that budget and the cars you have suggested, I'd pile straight in for the 308GT4 (as long as you will have £1000 a year in your budget for maintenance) which, with some patience, you should be able to find for that money. Mind you, very little beats a good 911 if you are happy with an '80s example, or you could look at the front-engined Porsches all of which are massive bargains. I don't think you'd get much of an E-type for that money at the moment.

Other suggestions for great cars with good performance within your budget:

Lotus Elan: yes, I am biased, but, lack of safety equipment aside, mine have been very reliable and cost no more to keep on the road than an MGB.


Honda NSX

Alpine A310

Datsun 240Z

Jaguar Mk2

Audi quattro

Lancia Delta Integrale

Any TR from sidescreen to 6 (except a TR5, you won't get a decent one for that). The best I ever drove was a 4 though many prefer the 4A.

Alfa Romeo GTV

Alfa Duetto/Spider


Pre 80s TVR
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Get yourself up to Hexham Horseless Carriages. They have the first of just 13 3000S turbos ever built, it had a huge money no object rebuild in the early 1990s, the bespoke engine now produces around 100bhp per litre (I have seen it out drag a Sagaris!), the last 3 owners (one of them twice) have all been fastidious, multi concours winner, a totally gorgeous car and prices for M series are just starting to climb.

I have no connection to the seller, except for thinking that he is mad to sell a car he said he would never part with - for the second time!

But I wouldn't argue if you bought something common or gardern like a 911 or 308GT4.


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michael aronow
Joined: 2013-01-20

many thanks, I explored your lists with interest !

now i just have to find something worth buying!! feeling the 308 or 911sc, the mine field.... any adivice or cars that come to your attention as a good buy please give me a shout..... ill let you guys know what i buy


Best M

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Audi Quattro is the best variant, but I say so because I own it myself (1978 Audi Quattro) But of course  I got it for less 20 because I wanted to make some mods so I was looking for classic cars for sale that would be cheap I also liked the list that James Elliott wrote, all the cars are good. I also considered buying Alfa Romeo GTV 3 years ago but  I've always had  daydreams of getting classic Audi so I got it.

michael aronow
Joined: 2013-01-20

So I've explored lots of cars, jensens, tvrs but the 911 option seems to offer a lot of potential if I can find the right one, have been looking at the late 70s early 80s 2.7 to 3.2 s to find a good history etc, any advice or recommended garages to check out...?

Im still having the Etype niggle and wondering if I should stretch my budget to explore further?... Any advice would be much appreciated 

Best M


michael aronow
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Would I be mad ? http://www.silverstoneauctions.com/1963-jaguar-e-type-s1-fixedhead-coupe


would it be worth a look and sort out the nagging bonnet and paint work issues, or is this kind of hybrid a crazy thought?


any thoughts M