What would you do with your last £100,000..?

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It's easy; a Porsche 964 Turbo S, 3.3 or 3.6. but it must be an 'S' and there should be change for maintainance. The 964 shape just gets better with age. I'll get a lottery ticket now.


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I guess I should add in my own thoughts here.

LIke James Elliott, the temptation to pick up a 246 Dino is paramount. But as Chris Martin points out, finding a good example on teh £100k mark is highly unlikely nowadays.

So I would plump for spreading the cash across cars I have always wanted to own:

Datsun 240z - early 70's model (£16k)

Willys Jeep - circa 1940 (with the electic upgrades found in the later Hotchkiss variant) (£15k)

Ferrari 355 - always liked them, and I just have to have at least one Ferrari in the collection. Probably more usable than a 308 (£40k)

Lancia Delta Integrale - Evo I. In white. Wish I'd never sold my yellow one back in 2000....!?!? (£25k)

And with the remaining £4k, I'd buy a couple of Peugeot 205 GTis (both engine variants), and store them to give to my sons as their first car when they come of driving age. They will be the envy of the college campus...

Probably should have stuck a Porsche in there really. Blast. I might need to go away and rethink. Again!



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As Mr Benovich says, the goalposts keep moving, and what was top of the list one day, is easily knocked off by a better idea soon after - as Adam Ant said "try another flavour" so here goes my hundred thou' for today.

Studebaker Avanti and Rolls-Royce Camargue with a pre-war sports or racer.  Obviously hot Bentleys and Bugattis will be beyond the budget but whatever the best I can get with change from the first two; MG, Morgan, Amilcar, something light, two-seater, possibility to fit a blower, y'know where fun comes before prestige.

Chris M.


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 A real one of either of these, but the 100K might not even pay the deposits...