What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

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Martin Port
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It's confession time: what is the daftest thing you've ever done to or in your classic? You know the sort of thing - trying to inflate the tyres using the water nozzle at the service station, putting your wheel nuts on with the bevelled edge facing outwards, or just injuring yourself while trying to carry out the simplest of tasks. Don't be shy...

plastic penguin
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Probably replying to a thread such as this...LOL!

You need to quantify the definition of stupid: Are we talking "You've Been Framed" or more commonly known as "Look at my silly, fluffy beard", or are we talking Baldrick frivolity?

Malaka Herath SL
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I have a 1977 Fiat X 1/9. When I bought it two years back, it didn't have any seat belts fitted. So I had to look at another car with original belts fitted, but I was not happy with the manner the belt reel is anchored since it would not respond to pitching. I thought it will look better if the belt reel can be fixed on the valence board (inside) by cutting a recess. Stupid me and my penalbeater,we completely ignored the fact that this is a spider!Now the A pillar and the rollover hoop are closed in by about 1/2 inch, 'coz we didn't use a body jack before the recess was cut. However, after we realised that the set up will affect the ridgidity of the car,we blanked out the recess with a higher guage plate and fitted the belt reel outward of the valence.

Malaka Herath-Sri Lanka

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Working alone in the garage and getting trapped under an MG Midget with my fingers stuck in the mechanisme of the trolly jack.

Luckily I could lower the car just enough to get my fingers out of the jack without crushing myself under the car or breaking my fingers in the jack.


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When I was working at a well known garage chain in the UK yeeeeears ago, someone came in with a tapping noise apparently coming from the rear suspension of a Mk1 Golf.. he said that he had spent the day before driving/stopping to try and trace exactly where it was coming from.

Took one of our mechanics 2 mins to conclude it was indeed, a loose parcel shelf.



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driving a  doorless racing mini home in the dark, brss Monkeys

or maybe having overindulged at Marios in Fyfield, during a Rugby Club dinner, having gained an award or two, put families Hillman Imp into a ditch, en route home on the backroads,

slept in the car sideways into the gulley,at a jaunty angle,

started walking home but a Police car racing to the scene several hours after the event gave me a lift home, after suggesting worn front tyres were the cause, in the wet, and proceeded to lecture me on the folly of drinking with The Ongar Rugby Club-it took a Coach trip to the Alps, with them and a football club  after a heavy apre ski week, no sleep,to realise drinking was no longer for me, but the guys in the club were probably out of their comfort zones, away from home and let of the leash.

No awards for either brain out jobs...

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The stupist new i have done is that i just take 400M wow gold to buy SOme unuseful itmes...

i can;t Forgive myself