What's your dream drive?

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James Elliott
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Magazine readers may have noticed the series of Dunlop-backed dream drives that we are running through the year (kicking off with the mighty Merc SSK on the almighty Grossglockner) and, obviously this has prompted a fair bit of discussion in the office.

I wouldn't say that we were predictable, but we could guess a fair number of them before they were even proferred!

Naturally 'farmer' Port came up with something off-the-wall (read all about it in his blog here), but what would yours be?

You can specifiy the car, the roads or event or whatever else is relevant.

I'll post mine when I have narrowed it down from the current 20 on my list!

Mario Laguna
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Any time at the Nürburgring's Nordschleife. I would like to try a Porsche Carrera GT to improve my regular 10' mark.

Marty Mac
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Any of the great Lancia's on a special stage, starting with an Aurelia, moving on to a Fulvia, then a Stratos, then a 037 followed closely by the S4 and finishing with the Integrale. As Lancia have won the Monte eleven times in six different models you'd struggle to pick just one out of that truly amazing line up of cars? If you were allowed one extra piece of icing on the cake I'd also like to drive the ECV as well just to see what the ultimate would have been like. As Kankkunen once said Group B was for men WRC for boy's.

Coventry Climax
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The Pan American Highway in a 1960s VW camper would be good.

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Not sure if I have had any 'Epic' drives, but...

Nurburgring Nordschleife is definitely up there. As well as the 258 road that runs down to Adenau from the E40. Great road, very scenic and thoroughly enjoyable!

Most places from north to mid-wales. And the Scottish Highlands.

The N71 in Co. Kerry around Kenmare, and south toward Glengariff and Bantry, or north to Killarney (and others).

And the main roads that run over the hills between Imola and Florence. Can't remember what they are, but I did it several times back in my F1 days. Sadly, was only in modern hire cars, but still breathtaking views coming into Florence, and I adore the Italian countryside.

James - is the makings to shortlist potential 'epic' Reader Runs with us C&SC readers..??


Chris Martin
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I wasn't sure about this to start with, there are so many possibilities, favourite cars, spectacular routes; where to go next?  However in the spirit of Mick Walsh's blast in the latest mag', can I get hold of a Bugatti T35 for a run up Mont Ventoux?  Of course C&SC is welcome to use any such adventure in their hallowed pages, and I'll even buy lunch at a favourite place in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, but although I know my way around the mountain, I have to admit to not knowing much about driving Bugattis, so maybe if a kindly Bug' owner (got all your records Nick...) were to toss me the keys, a quick driving lesson to acclimatise might be in order.

Chris M.



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A List of rolls royce motor cars would be my dream,old fashion and deep.


Stay hungry,stay foolish

Mario Laguna
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If you are in Spain, try this:
East coast. North Alicante, go to Calpe.
From Calpe, engage CV 746 to Moraira.
Km 0 of road CV 746 is at  the end of Av. Juan Carlos I in Calpe.
Drive on CV 746 with beautiful Mediterranean sights on your right. The next 10 Km until Moraira are breathtaking.
The road goes up and down hills, has hairpins and quick sections alike. But be aware of Guardia Civil anti-speeding patrols (otherwise it is free of charge).
You can even stop for beer and a swim in one of the beautiful "calas" on your way ( La Caleta, Cala Bassetes, Cala Fustera).

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There are but two that I have missed out on, apart from the impossible truly greats of course, and those would be firstly an Alfa 8C (olkd, not new of course) and my favourite pre-war car, an Invicta Low Chassis. That has been a love affair for 30 years, but always out of reach financially.

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Would love to drive a Chevrolet Camaro. I'd love to own one for that matter.. someday hopefully :) good little list of  american classics on here too... http://www.evanshalshaw.com/Blog/blog-all-american-classics.html 

Anyone got experience of driving a Camaro?

Triple Twin Choke
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There is a road in Montana called the 'Going to the Sun Road' that runs from Highway 89 near the Canadian border to Lake Macdonald and finally joining Highway 2 through the Gacier National Park. If you drive it once, you will want to drive it again, and again. Phenomenal scenery, hairpins, high altitude and gradients but rather a lot of RVs in the holidays and summer weekends.

Drive it in something with plenty of power and no roof, in the sunshine.

 It is closed in winter.

Triple Twin Choke