What's your favourite sounding engine?

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No question - a sixties Ford 289 in a decent state of tune.

Yank muscley V8, but high-revving short stroke - oxymorons 'r us...

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I think this gets my vote


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Not sure I could ever pin it down to just one. The Ford Escort may not be an obvious choice, but if I heard a BDA nudging the red line now it would instantly take me back to standing in Sutton Park with my Dad. Mind you, so would that Stratos howl, seeing Bjorn Waldegaard with the engine cover missing left an indelible imprint on this 10 year old too...

Then there are all the American V8s, British straight 6s and I haven't even got onto TVRs yet. So many engine notes so little time...




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There are great sounding examples of pretty well all engine configurations.  Admittedly not an automotive engine, one of my favs is the woofling grumble of the 985 cu. in. nine cylinder rotary Wasp Junior in the de Havilland Beavers as they idle in over the roof top to land in the bay in front of my house.  Produced from the late '40s to the late '60s these great old aeroplanes are still flying commercially in many places in the world.

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A bit left-field, perhaps, but one of my favourite production car sounds of all time is the Triumph V8. Hearing a Stag burbling down the street is an outstanding experience.

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I agree with Martin - I just love the sound of an MGB.


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 V8s, V12s, beautiful, yes.....   but for me nothing beats the sound of a rally Metro 6R4 on a forest stage, sound echoing around the trees, then up through the gears as it disappears away down a straight!  Extraordinary!  :)

Steve C

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for me it has to be the burble of my Morgan Plus 8 4.6 V8 engine, delicious

and to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up its got to be the BRM V16 

there's a 2 minute track of sheer bliss of the BRM recorded at Goodwood on a testing day,


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Well, another vote from me for the absolutely fabulous sound of a Top Fuel Dragster or Funny Car!   Memories of standing in the paddock at Pomona for the NHRA World Finals a few years ago come flooding back.   I don’t need to hear them going up the strip, wonderful though that is, but just being close to one being “warmed up” is an experience everyone should have at least once! as they say over there, “Just Awesome!”

Other than that, Corvette Racing’s Chevrolet Corvette C6R around Le Mans takes a lot of beating!   

OK, on a “street level” a Chevy V8, even a Ford or big Mopar.  But, there’s also something special about a water cooled Porsche 911 and, going back to my first love, a Mini Cooper in “full song”.


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Two Strokes are hard to beat - Suzuki RG500 c 1987  >  Suzuki GT550 with 3 into 1 expansion chamber 

In the early 90's the Japanese m/cycle manufacturers produced 250 road bikes with 4 cylinder 4 stroke engines revving to 22,000 and beyond.

Turbo cars also add many other elements - Porsche 911 3.3 flat 6 w/ large single turbo

Modern cars > Gallardo 2006-08 ! 

says Muffler