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Hello everyone

I'm the proud owner of a 1963 Coombs supplied Mk 2 3.4 saloon.

It's finished in opalescent light blue and currently sits on chrome wire wheels, which look a little too shiny, so I've bought a spare set of painted wheels, which need to be repainted.

The question is, what colour should I paint them?  I want the car to look period, so I guess I'm limited.  even more so, as this colour doesn't allow much option if I want to keep the car looking properly period and not like a Beacham...

In your opinion, what would work best?  Dark blue? Black, or am I stuck with plain old silver?

Answers on a post card!


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Black with chrome spinners-in the absence of a postcard readily to hand, and possibly easier to clean than a toothbrush on chrome ones?