Which way are classic car prices heading?

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RM Auctions
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......over (let's say) the next 5 years?


James Elliott
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Assuming there are no major legislative or tax changes that have an impact on the hobby as a whole, I think they will continue to go the same way they have been: the budget classics will continue to creep up sensibly, the exotics and super-rare and those eligible for historic racing at the best events will continue to soar.

The other more recent trend is the increasing polarisation of prices between the very best examples and the rest, regardless of where the models fit into the classic spectrum. Have a look around today and frankly ridiculous sums are being asked for timewarp or fully restored examples of usually quite affordable classics. But if the market is there for them...

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As long as ten, twenty or even fifty grand in the bank attracts, at most, 3% interest then classic prices will rise but only, of course, for desirable cars.

Which poses another question, I guess.