Who's been watching Car SOS?

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James Elliott
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The discussion in C&SC towers this morning largely involved the new Car SOS programme - the second episode of which aired last night – and I'm pleased to say that it was largely positive. For the episodes and the premise and other info click here but basically Tim Shaw (notorious car fiend radio presenter whose wife flogged his Esprit for 50p on ebay) and Fuzz Townshend (PWEI drummer and classic car expert who we have a huge amount of time for) borrow and restore mouldering classic cars.

So far the back stories have been interesting and the spannering convincing, so, despite a couple or moments of dodgy editing and one scene when we couldn't decide whether it was staged or not, we all enjoyed it and thought that it was as satisfying for proper enthusiasts as any programme on telly is ever likely to be.

Equally, the thought did cross our mind that after the recent debacle of a certain Channel 5 programme, maybe we are just so desperate for anything that doesn't utterly demean and shame our hobby, that we are being too gentle on Car SOS.

Anyone else seen it? What did you think?

Martin Port
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I thought it was good telly for classic car enthusiasts and both episodes so far have come across as being pretty honest and genuine compared to the theatrics of the aforementioned Channel 5 effort. If I'm being picky then I'd like to see a bit more of Fuzz demonstrating his impressive technical knowledge and a bit less of Shaw trying to find bits for the project etc, but even that balance was better in episode two than in the first.

I'm certainly going to keep watching, but would be interested to know if anyone else spotted the remnants of an original-style Classic & Sports Car badge on the rear panel of the Fiat 850 Spider in the first issue? I thought it was very kind of the director to feature a close-up of the panel on more than one occassion!

Keep up the good work!

Coventry Climax
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Admit it Martin, you just like it because of the colour of that Fiat...