Any high flyers or plane /helicopter. glider enthusiast wanting ti tell all of their interests, out there.

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Dinsdale Piranha
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It probably is the same P38 you saw, not too many of them around, the only other one I remember on the UK show circuit was Stephen Grey's example that was restored late '80s/early '90s and which was destroyed at Duxford in 1996 killing Hoof Proudfoot.

The Aircraft with the MGs is a Lockheed Neptune, maritime patrol aircraft now replaced by the Lockheed Orion. At least the RAAF still has a maritime patrol capability, more than we can say!

Chris Martin
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Yes, they have a couple of Neptunes over there, I think I already posted a photo of the other one. There is also a Cessna surf patrol based there, and they take people out for trips too. I booked it as a birthday surprise for Mrs M a couple of years back and we flew along the local coastline which is a popular surfing area about 100kms south of Sydney. At 200ft the pilot showed us how they spot for sharks and at that height on a sunny day it is easy to sea everything in the water, including the beasties. I saw enough that now I only swim on the patrolled beaches! Coincidentally, as I write this the local stunt bi-plane is roaring about outside, they give rides for paying thrill-seekers doing loops and tricks over the water, I'll try to catch a photo next time he passes low over here.