Beware dodgy email alerts !

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Chris Martin
Joined: 2011-08-20

I received an email with the subject line "Replacement login information for *your name here* at Classic and Sports Car" which is asking me to log in to a dubious site.

Just a warning in case any of you have received the same.

Chris M.


Joined: 2011-12-03

Thanks for the warning, Chris.

I'd like a pound for every scammer - or would-be scammer - out there. Could treat myself to a rather nice classic collection!

(But let's not start a 'Which classics would you buy if you had a pound for every internet scammer' thread..)

Chris Leopold

Russell Campbell
Russell Campbell's picture
Joined: 2011-12-21

This would appear to be a genuine 'request for new password' email
sent from Classic & Sports Car, but if anyone else has recieved the same
message please email it to me at Thanks! 

Chris Martin
Joined: 2011-08-20

Thanks Russell.  

It seems now this was a genuine email from C&SC although we are not sure why it was sent. They are looking into it.  Panic over, but I am always suspicious of unsolicited emails with links, especially when they are asking password sensitive information.  Anyway, at least it is not a new scam from the Nigerians.

Sorry to be ringing alarms unnecessarily.   Chris M.