Cars and Bikes I've Owned

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Have lived in South Africa for all my life so did not really get involved with Classic Cars, but these are the vehicles I have owned since 1953:

Francis Barnett 175cc two stroke

CZ 150cc (made in Chechoslovakia]

Jawa 250 (Also from Chechoslovakia)

Gilera 175 (From Italy)

MV Agusta 250 (From Italy)

Vespa 125s and 180s. Scooters.

BSA 250 cc Single

Matchless 500cc Single (Amazing acceleration in 1st Gear, got up to 70 mph in that gear!)

BSA 650 Golden Flash.

Morris Minor 850cc Side Valve.

Morris Minor 1,000cc

Renault Rear Engine 800

Renault  Dauphine

Mini Minor

Ford Cortina 1600.

VW Beetle 1300s and 1600s

VW 411 Station Wagon

Opel Caravan 1600 Station Wagon

Fiat 500 and 1500

Chevrolet Constantia Wagon 6-Cylinder Automatic 

Chevrolet 2200 Sedan

Peugeot 404 Station Wagons (3 of them)

Toyota Cressida 2.0 Litre Automatic

Audi 1600 Sedan

Honda 800cc DOHC Sports Car (1968 model, there were only 4 imported into SA).

Toyota Camry 2.2 litre Sedan Automatic. (3 of these).

BMW 318is Automatic.

Opel Corsa Classic 1400cc

Mazda 2 1300cc

Citroen C5 2.0 litre Automatic. My current car and one of the Best Cars I have ever owned in spite of all the negative remarks people make about Citroen, I just love it and found it to be lowest- priced Servicing and Spares of the current generation of cars in South Africa! Viva Citroen!!!





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Great huge collection of cars and bike but i your list i like Audi 1600 Sedan the most.

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do i get negative marks for owning up to having owned a Renault 5 back in the day?


(hangs head in shame)