Funding crazy road trips.

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I remember James Elliott in an article some time ago (probably years ago) that mentioned an organisation that may fund certain road trips, the crazier the better. I'm pretty sure they were going to fund a trip that he had planned. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and remember the name of the organisation?

James Elliott
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Yes, it was sort of like that. They helped me with the restoration (and I use the word incredibly loosely considering how little money I threw at it) on my Jensen so it was ready in time for me to drive to the Pyrenees for my wedding.

They have funded all sorts of bonkers transAmerica and round the world trips thouugh.

It's called the Performance Direct Non Standard Awards and you can find out all about them by clicking here.

I have absolutely no brief on their behalf, but this genuinely is free cash for enthusiasts to pursue their dreams if your plan impresses them, so go for it.

Good luck!



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Ah, many thanks for that James. I have the most ambitious and crazy trip in mind and I'll let you know if it comes to fruition... or if I end up on heavy tranquillisers...