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Your accessment and timeline on the the Spitfire was very accurate, it was painted in the very early 70's as a budget price promo job for a ladies hairdresser customer to stand outside their salon and attract attention to the business with pavement traffic, it proved to be quite successful and resulted in them purchasing a much superior Spitfire and commissioning a top quality custom paint-job including a Mural on the bonnet, plus encouraging them to join and support the local custom car club as a hobby. It was not my intention to present the Spitfire as a state of the art object or paint job but as something more controversial, which would generate the typical response :- "Thats bloody rubbish, mate, I could do better myself ! ". So OK show me ! Likewise with the Tiger it was intended to attract attention to the local Drag-races and serve as a tow car not participate in shows, back in the 70's the these were tools and objects of fun , not cossetted trailer queens that needed a morgage to own.