Is Ford dropping a faux pas?

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Given the fact that mere mortals like me will frown at Ford's announcement, why couldn't they just combine the two - or at least offer it as an optional feature? 

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I'll be honest when I bought my current Mondeo, off EBay for £595, nearly 3 years back, the guy a greek gent I recall, brought it over to show me. It had been advertised with a radio cassette, which I thought a bit odd for that year, however as it had a new battery he didnt have the code, so would i buy a CD player off him. He wanted an extra 60 notes, so rather than say no you knock 60 off the price peeps, i agreed to 40. xtra,' loads a money'(his wife admited they had wanted more for the car),thats ebay luv,anyway trying to squeeze two Mondeos onto our small drive, as we have an hours parking restriction, meant when my low starting bid hadnt been reached for the early car, it might have to be scrapped, but at the eleventh hour, it sold for 175 pounds, ten years after i bought it for £2700, so it didnt owe me anything and far from being scrapped was still being used by the wife of the guy around the corner who bid and bought it- the radio and alarm had genuinely packed up 3 years before, and I did fit a new halford's battery then,so i simply did without.

Maybe thats why I got a bit mugged over the radio, willingly rather than have a conflict, and the spare i recently found at Easter, was from a Vauxhall vectra(if anyone out there needs one)apart from that I enjoy the Ford equipment in a so so far absolutely trouble free repeat mondeo experience-no connection to that firm either..but all in all all things considered it has proved a good buy.

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 Mix feelings about this one. I think they should do it
progressively and have a smooth process. They have to move forward, so should
we but it sometimes takes time.