Preferred music when driving/currently listening to...?

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In July I took my old Benz down to Le Mans Classic with a couple of mates. In keeping with the cut-off year for cars competing at the event, all music played had to be no later than 1979. Thus all post '79 recordings were deleted from the iPod.

The trip’s playlist was knocked together from what was left. Essentially a medley of Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Police, Deep Purple, The Who, Alice Cooper, Steely Dan, Tom Petty, with the odd track from the likes of Queen, Boston, The Doors, Elton John, The Clash, Black Sabbath, Lennon, T Rex, Ram Jam, and so on.

3 months on and that selection is still doing a great job.

Aside from the playlist there was also a daft homage to The Italian Job; we had 'Self Preservation' for boarding the ferry at Portsmouth, and Matt Monroe 'On Days Like These' for when we made it out from Caen and into the the rural roads. 

Sat Nav and motorways were shunned - a stark and welcome contrast to 2010 when we hammered down from Calais in a pal's modern estate car.

Off topic - During our journey down this year we stopped for breakfast at Le Lion Verd in Putanges Pont Ecrepin. As we parked up the C&SC team pulled in en masse and started setting up an impromptu photo shoot - if any of you guys see this, do you remember a quick chat with three mates in a blue '70 Mercedes 280SE ?

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Interesting, that's a very similar approach to what I did this year and I love idea of the Italian Job theme.

I compiled an MP3 Cd with top ten hits for the year of the car, with a bit of leeway to include something from the previous year if I like it.  So my '72 car has things like  Alice Cooper, Cher, Rod Stewart on, while the '68 cd varies from hippy stuff to the Beatles.  Put them on random play and the only thing missing is the pirate radio DJ..... (well, maybe not in '72 ?)


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All the Young Dudes by MOT the OPEL.

(A thousand apologies.)

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On a lovely drive home from last years Goodwood Revival in my E-Type with the top down, it was The Kinks greatest hits at full volume blasting out while hot on the heals of a DB5 along the A3.