The Queen's Bentley

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Ended up watching some of the Jubilee coverage on the telly. Did anyone else notice the rear wings of the Bentley were a slightly dodgy colour match for the doors? Was the back of the car repainted after the recent paint-throwing incident in London? 


Chris Martin
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Us Commonwealth country types also got some good TV coverage on the whole Queen thing, and much as I like the look of the royal Bentley I have to admit I never noticed any dodgy paint job.

But, I do rather like the idea of one of the palace chauffeurs being sent down to Halfords (maybe a branch in Battersea would be nearest?) for an aerosol of Garnet and a bottle of T-Cut.

Chris M.


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hahahaha :) I bet the queen would love to go to Halfords on a saturday afternoon to get her paint job :)

I did not notice the dodgy colour to be honest Camaro, however it could well be the case. I remember the smashed window but not sure about the rear wing. How the hell have you been able to notice that?! good eye for detail you have, or perhaps HD 3D TV!? lol

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The car involved in the paint throwing incident was not the Bentley but the Phantom VI gifted to the Queen for hersilver jubilee by the SMMT in 1977. So if there is dodgy paintwork on the rear of the Bentley maybe it's just down to a rear end shunt in the car park at Sainsbury's Windsor! :-)