What do you think of our rolling restoration?

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James Elliott
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Well, here is the new C&SC site. It's taken a helluva long time to get this far and there is still a long way to go, but the chassis has been stripped and the bodywork (mainly) done. Now we need to personalise it for you, so let us know what else you want from it so we can build it in as the site evolves. This means the way it looks, what it does, what it offered, absolutely anything: we want to hear all your suggestions and quibbles, even if sometimes we can't (or don't want to) do anything about them!

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Hi James,

Ok, a suggestion which may or may not be practical depending on the forum software,  but here goes.

On a Lotus Elan forum I use they have a neat idea where, when you reply or create a topic you can check a box which says "notify me of new posts".  You can always opt out of this at a later date if you lose interest in the topic but I've found it quite useful.

Ok, it's lazy and I realise that you guys really want folks checking in the forum on a regular basis anyway, but getting an email to say "someone's replied" does make me check in more often. Typically I switch on the PC & check email, find someone's replied and my first stop will be the forum.

Apart from that, just keep it nice and simple to navigate and you'll grow the membership. Once you are getting loads of posts  then that might be the time to look at creating more focused sections - eg Vintage/Historic/Moderns, but I think at the moment it's too early. I think a general forum like C&SC will take longer to get established simply because the range of interests is so wide, and most folks gravitate towards sites for their own marque

Maybe a section for feedback on the latest issue would work, or is this covered elsewhere on the site ? (I admit I only look at the forums)


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Hey James it looks great, only one practical suggestion, as a complete klutz with technology, (I know I am learning how to use my Iphone, first time owner), I just can't cope with how to load photos on to this site.  Having to load photos from another site, ie. photobuket et al seems totally illogical and really clunky, I also simply get confused with such sites.   The old way that was available on this site, was exactly as you can upload photos on the AlfaBB, and thankfully I can manage that.  Just a mere suggestion for us technologically challenged people.

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