Would you like to show off your car in a short film?

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Zero Facility Films will be filming in Manchester on Friday, 29 July and are looking
for a sports car to feature in their new short film Will Power.

The film, a comedy, stars Emma Kenny, Ian Curley (Coronation Street, Moving On), Marc Pickering (Sleepy Hollow, Calendar Girls) and will be shown online and at festivals worldwide.

The car is required in the afternoon (approx. 1pm – 6pm) and will be stationary for the duration of the shoot. We will reimburse petrol costs for any car travel.

In return for your generosity you will receive a copy of the film on DVD, a film credit on IMDb and an invite to the film’s premiere.

If interested please contact Chris Lane on 07833 228 344.

Further information on Zero Facility Films can be found at www.zerofacilityfilms.com