Car boot sale - two bootlids! (BMC 1100 and Rover P6)

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Tim D
Joined: 2011-09-20

They've been in my shed for ages and they are the last mortal remains of cars I loved and wore out in the early 1980s!

So - Rover P6 2000 bootlid in blue (zircon I think it's called) 1973 L car. Some paint has been lost to aluminium oxidisation to the bottom corners of the panel, but I think it's recoverable

BMC 11/1300 bootlid from a 1970 H Austin 1100 Mk2 in chocolate brown. Very little surface rust although the brightwork is pitting.

Any offers? I've stopped amusing myself by taking them to the local car boot sale...

Would probably need to be collected from the Peak District of Derbyshire.