I Can Draw Your Car - Commissioning Art Work

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Hi everyone,

I'm Zoe and I am the owner and founder of Rockabillyliggy.co.uk.

Want me to draw your car? I now offer commissioning work! Please view www.rockabillyliggy.co.uk to find all the terms and conditions or message me for a quote.

I can create a graphite drawing for you on either A4/A3.

Price depends on how intricate it is and how long it will take to draw.

It will cost a minimum of £25 per piece and of course you will get the original! 

I will work off a photograph that you provide. This means that the photograph must be high quality and large enough so that I can add more detail to the drawing.

There will always be a non-refundable deposit required for £10 before any work is started.

You can pay your deposit through our online shop. It will be titled “Commission Deposit”.

Please make contact within 1 week of paying the deposit with your specifications.

If there is anything in particular you would like me to draw, please use the “Contact Us” Page to get in touch and receive a quote