Lotus Carlton Wheels And steering wheel

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Rich Darklight
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Hi Floks, I'm new to this forum stuff , but defo thought this is the right place to ask for some advice about the lovely carlton. I had  the 2.6 Li a bunch of years back totally loved it, still regret selling it, still miss driving it, but the opportunity of another has come my way an old 3.0 gsi, it needs some work so i would mind replica-ing it up but have no idea how much (even ball park lol) it might cost for a set of lotus alloys and a steering wheel.

Any info would be greatly apprecited, whether it be form personal experience of a website address.

Thanks in advance to any one who might be able to help. 

Rich Darklight 

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Above link to 2 Loti Carltons.
Rear wheelarches are from Commodores and flared as are front ones.
Loads' a work involved, as Carlton arches are squared off, so best left as is.