chrome plating

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paul johnston
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Post edited/deleted by the C& team.

See forum rules and etiquette or post below for below explanation:

James Elliott
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We will leave this up (at least temporarily), but please take heed of the below from the forum rules and etiquette:

"Don’t use this forum for flogging your wears. Quite apart from the fact
that it usually turns people off rather than on, we have a team of
lovely advertising salespeople who are relying on your business to keep
their Smeg fridges well stocked with Veuve Clicquot. Give them a call
on 020 8267 5377 or e-mail ads.C& or use the
contact forms on this site."

Dinsdale Piranha
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He probably noticed that the rules re advertising seem somewhat flexible as the other blatant ad is still on here despite being reported and indeed commented on by another user. Forums become a lot less fun to use if spam is allowed to creep in.

paul johnston
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Apologies-will contact  ads.C& for more details.

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Here here Dinsdale.

Good to see Mr Elliott clamping down on this kind of stuff. Rules are rules all you jolly advertisers out there...