Good tyre place in Berkshire/Hampshire

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Martin Port
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Thought I would share one of my favourite tyre places - Headley Tyres just outside of Newbury. Good service (although a lengthy wait on a busy Saturday so try and avoid), knowledgeable chaps and above all, they are consistently cheaper than pretty much anywhere else in the area.

01635 268384

Beech Hill Garage
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Hi Martin,

I have heard good things about Headley but have never used them.

We have always been pleased with Wheelgame in Tadley, they stock 165x14 for MGBs and a good range of Toyos that our MGF/TF customers like.



Beech Hill Garage

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We have jumped between different tyre companies in and around Newbury. The guys at headly are good and know their stuff. We ahve used them several times. Just noticed on their website (see above post) the following offer:


Headley Tyres stand by our recognised slogan 'Tyres at Trade Prices'
and if you dare to find tyres cheaper elsewhere we will not only
pricematch but we will give you a further 5% discount for your loyalty!


Just thought I'd share that.

Dougal Cawley
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You couldn't possibly find a better tyre dealer than Longstone Tyres of course.

Longstones service is so good, it helps you give up smoking, entertains unwanted visiting relatives, makes you more attractive to the oposite sex while at the same time garuntee's a longer life.

we have also recently started making short video's about recomended fitment guides for specific cars


Dougal Cawley

Smith James
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I have heard many high-quality things about Headley. It’s a top brand like Pirelli and Bridgestone.