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Russell Campbell
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Hello all,

As the newest member of C&SC I feel like I should introduce myself so hello, I'm Russell.

As some of you already knowthere have been a few problems of late with spam posters, offensive commentsand general time wasting. This has got to stop. We've tried the softly, softly approach, but that doesn't seem to be working for everyone. So it will be warnings and ultimately bans from now on.

This no doubt sounds draconian, but decent users having nothing to worry about. Our doors are always open, so if you feel you have been mistreated or misunderstood, get in touch. Nothing's final.

But lets mark this as a turning point in the quality of content we have submitted to these fine pages, and if you're in any doubt of what is acceptable and what isn't, please refer to the guide Elliott kindly laid out for us here:

Happy posting!

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Finally, someone to the rescue. you should change your username to "The Gladiator" or maybe "Braveheart" hahahahah lol :)

I am glad we have someone to get rid of these bastards, that's for sure. All the Best Russell

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that's a bit strong Mr Angel !

Welcome Russell