End might be nigh for Australian muscle automobiles

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Unknowingly to some, Australia has just as much of a tradition enjoying muscle vehicles as Yankees, who believe every little thing they do is unique regardless of evidence to the contrary. However, Australian muscle vehicles might not be in production for a lot longer, as Ford and General Motors are mulling the end of the breed. How many times have you expected additional info concerning a used or new auto and resorted to an internet search on “td auto loan?” Look no further, everything you must have is at CarDealExpert.com! Wish to know more details on Car Deal Expert? Car Deal Expert.

Americans not the only ones looking for muscle cars

Americans have always demanded muscle vehicles, which have been made by Chevrolet and Ford for many years. GM and Ford are evidently going to go place in Australia as the people in that country are also interested in muscle automobiles.

GM's main brand in that area is Holden Motors. Ford is just Ford.

The Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore are examples of Australian muscle automobiles that have been really great sellers, according to Automobile magazine. The Aussies have been buying muscle automobiles since the 1950s just like Americans.

Bid farewell to designs

News.com.au explained that the muscle cars all peaked in sales around 2000 even though people love the automobiles. The Commodore peaked in 2002 with fewer than 90,000 units sold while the Falcon sale peak was at around 75,000 in the next couple of years. Even though the automakers did well in the 1990s, they are not selling anymore.

Sales for both models dropped every consecutive year since, except for 2007, when the Commodore got a bump of around 1,000 units. In 2012, Holden managed to move about 30,000 Commodore units. Ford sold less than half that quantity of Falcons.

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Gasoline is pretty costly at $6 USD per gallon in Australia, and that is part of why the cars aren’t selling, according to Automobile. Australians want fuel-efficient vehicles. It is cheaper to import than produce domestically for this reason too. In 2016, the Falcon will not be here anymore, it is anticipated. The Commodore will be ending too.

Could mean change

Many American vehicles really come from the Australian car industry.

Americans have the Chevrolet police cruiser due to Holden. The Chevrolet SS, Pontiac G8 and Pontiac GT are all here due to the Commodore.

American sedans could possibly be sold in Australia as the next version of muscle vehicles since front-wheel drive automobiles are anticipated to come in the area soon. You may go to a dealer of Ford in Spokane in somewhere else and find the Ford Fusion, according to CardAdvice.com.au, and that is what the Ford Mondeo will be from. The Ford Taurus may be the next Falcon too, according to MotorAuthority.