Help identifying a pair of chrome tail light mounts

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Vic. P
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Hi folks,

I'm really hoping that someone here might recognise these chrome tail light mounts. I have done an extensive on-line search to try to identify them but so far i've had little success other than a suggestion that they may be for either a Morgan or MG. I have assumed from the start that these must be an after-market item so i've searched custom car sites as well as classic and still have no definative answer.

There are no manufacturer marks anywhere on the castings which has really helped!! :-))

They have a set of threaded screw holes in the offset patern for a light such as the Lucas 488 and 594 and have a further three threaded holes on the underside for mounting to the car.

These are a heavy casting with each unit weighing around 1 1/2lb and they measure L, 7inch, H, 2 3/4inch W, 4inch and have an angle of approximately 33 degrees between the light mount face and the underside.

I have added some photos to try to show the curvature of the undersides.

Any help with this would be very much appreciated.




Chrome tail lightChrome tail lightChrome tail light undersideChrome tail light underside curvature


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Vic, I had looked at your items and thought they looked familiar but couldn't place them. The thought must have stayed with me because while I was watching the original 'Fast and Furious', thought I saw them. They were tail lights (or stop lights?) on an XK 120 Jaguar. Could this be the case?

This is a picture of them in place:

Vic. P
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Oh yes!!, the linked image is definately the same tail lights so it looks like you have solved the mystery for me. Am i glad you were watching the Fast and furious!!!

I have been looking for the answwer on-line for the past month trying various forums and car dealerships in the UK and abroad and yours is the first definitive answer so thank you so much for taking the time to let me know.

All the best