Mercury Comet 1963 replica model

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Newby here, so please go easy.

I'm looking for a replica to scale model of a Mercury Comet from 1963 to give as a present. Looking for the soft top and in black, if we're getting specific.

I've searched the web far and wide and can't find this specific model. There are some AMT assembly models of hard top '67 Comets.

And some soft top Mercury's from '59, but they are not Comets.

Does anyone know if there is a model of a '63 Comet out there, pref black and soft top?

Thanks for any help.

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Not wishing to stear you away from Classic and Sportscar Hugo, but if you try Classic American's site, I subscribe to both magazines incidentally, a guy called Richard Colney  is an occassional contributor now.

He used to be in a priveledged position to be sent trial batches of scaled replica model cars, to report on, to American  clubs various, and flog them.