please identify the make and year

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hello to you all at classicandandsportscar..ths is my first posting so please be gentle....i was clearing out an old garage the other day and found this unusual car part...with alot of googling ive managed only to work out that its called a "Trafficator".basicaallly, a pre-indicator....however, ive never been able to work out what make of car it is from...the horn badge shows a silver,rampant lion on a red background and 3 swords....lion looks like peugeot lion but ive seen this same emblem used on an old ford badge..."a ford productuct.Made in England".....can anyone expand on this as its driving me many....regard to all


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It looks like it's from a 1950s Ford 100E to me.

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Hi to blossom & all, strange garage discovery item appears to be horn and indicator switch off a 1958-60 Ford 100E ....Bob Blair

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I did own a 100E Prefect for a couple of years - the most unreliable car I ever had.  Put me off Fords for years.

I think it is correctly identified as the centre control of the steering wheel.  In those days the centre didn't turn with the wheel so the indicator switch was always at Top Dead Centre.  The horn button was usually, as in this case, in the centre of the hub.

My only 'but'....."Trafficator" was the name given to the old style electromechanical semaphore indicator which emerged from the side of the car and had a small 'festoon' bulb, probably about 3 watts, inside the translucent orange cover.

They were not very reliable and it was quite usual to see a driver thumping the B pillar to get it to energe.  Also, if the driver forgot to cancel it, it was very prone to being wiped off by a careless passenger on leaving the car.  They were still being used on cars manufactured into the 1950s.


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I'm new to this site. I am 15 and own a 1959 ford prefect 100e.

the indicator switch/horn is the one part I am missing to make it a complete car. would you be interested in selling the item? and if so what sort of price would you be looking for?