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Got a Jag E type.  The seats are not too bad, but could do with a bit of TLC. See picture. Contacted some specialist companies on what to do, but all of them quoted in favour of their products.

So what to do.

I want to start with a serious, in depth wash, so question 1.  Which product would you recommend?

Next would be solving those "cracks" I would be inclined to just to some hide feed treatment. What is the best product? Conolly? Anything else out there?

Or in case somebody recommends repainting, again, what product to use?

Thanks for the help.

Have a nice day everybody.



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Couple of years ago I bought a leather renovation kit from this company below which included a colour matched leather paint leather filler and cleaner just followed the instructions to the letter and the results were brilliant, have a look through their blurb and you,ll find it very informative, I had excellent results which are still as good today.


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