Should you be doing that, dad?

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Fact or fiddle-faddle? Let's hear your amusing (motoring) stories from childhood.

One of my overriding memories was of my dad cleaning the chrome bumpers on his Hillman Minx with Cola. In addition, it used to remove rust spots too. Not surprisingly, I don't touch the stuff.

Over to you guys...

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I recall 'helping' my Dad when he changed the gearbox on his Volvo 240DL. He handed me an adjustable spanner at one stage - "Where shall I put it Dad?" I asked. "Anywhere" was his reply. I opted to balance it safely across the two sticky up metal things on top of the battery - seemed like a safe place at the time!

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I got a call once for my dad who had his first car; a 1955 Standard 10, and was stranded in town. It just wouldn't start. I went down on my motorbike, and took one of my shoes off and hit the battery posts. It fired straight up; but he didn't talk to me for a week......................

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In the 1950s my Dad was driving his 1912 Arrol Johnson in a Milligan Rally in the Eastern Cape South Africa, when a hidden marshall jumped out with a "Your car's leaking badly, Peter". My Dad waved and thanked him, and a little later past scrutinous eyes, his navigator my Mother appeared from the rear of the car adjusting her frilled period clothing - not wanting to spoil their regularity record, they had the habit of lifting the rear floorboards of the AJ, attending to the call of nature without compromising their rally placing. (Arrol Johnson - Paisley, Scotland)