Source for Reproduction Castings?

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anyone know of a firm that will reverse engineer and reproduce extinct iron and aluminum automotive castings?   I am considering taking on a 50's Indycar project but some of the original castings are in very poor condition and some pieces are missing. I doubt I will be able to find any replacements.


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That should be relatively easy these days. Reverse engineering can be done if you have an original casting, with modern digitising and CAD/CAM systems. Even if you only have a left part and want a right, the data can be mirrored. Probably simpler and cheaper now though to have smallish parts machined from solid rather than cast and machined, but if you are talking engine blocks or gearbox casings, you will need the services of more expensive specialists. For the former, try any small run engineering firm that does race or restoration parts, for the latter, start with well known vintage engineering outfits like Crosthwaite and Gardner and see who they recommend. I know someone in France who does similar work but will not give out his details until I have checked with him first. He only takes on what he wants to do.

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I agree with the previous reply but it really does depend
on the complexity of the casting. As your project is  50's Indianapolis I
would presume you are needing help with an Offenauser or Offy derived engine, this
maybe a little too complex for CAD CAM out of the solid especially if you want
the finished item to look right and period. For minor components CAD CAM will
do the trick. 

However all apart we may be able to find you the
components you are looking for  or help
you with the reverse engineering if need be. 

Please drop me a line at Bristol Engineering Ltd  01373 823603

James Harris