Strong clutch needed . .

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Clutch advice please gents . .

What type / make of clutch would take unto 500 lbs torque without slipping?!

I have an early aero engine that just can't help but slip my existing clutch arrangement . . Max revs only 1500.

I can complete any machining needed to adapt the flywheel and drive, but wondered if I have to go the multi-plate route or just a bigger diameter (8" at present).

Any help and advice very much appreciated. Ben

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Hi fafnir, I would recommend calling a few speed shops or US car parts suppliers that specialise in hi-po American V8 engines, I think you may find what you're looking there, I'm pretty sure they can supply a clutch that could quite easily handle 500 1bs of torque, possibly a 'drag racing' clutch assembly would do the trick. Google 'American Car Parts' for your nearest stockists. Good luck!

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Aero engine only Revving to 1500 RPM means that your Torque is being transmitted
almost immediately rather like a Steam engine or electric motor. I would say
that the need for a light weight and expensive multi plate competition clutch designed
to deal with High torque at relatively high RPM is unnecessary. Look down the
lines of Truck or Tractor clutch arrangement mounted to a relatively light fly
wheel it will do all you need for low cost.

Aero engine is it?



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I am facing clutch problem on Hyundai Verna 2009 model. Need help.


Hyundai Verna 2009 model Clutch problem