Where to repair a Talbot-Matra Bagheera in London

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Hi Everyone;

Would anyone know where to bring a Talbot-Matra Bagheera to a good repair shop in London?

The car has been sat outside not running for a few years and is in a bit of a state; I nevertheless do not want to scrap it nor sell it for £100.

Right-front wheel is blocked; petrol has been sat inside the tank for a few years; painting is peeling and battery is dead. That is what I know so far but obviously there will be other problems.

I'm looking for someone to have a look at it and bring it back slowly to a reasonable state. I am not looking to spend mega money on it either. Just bring it back to a functionable state is my idea.


The car would have to be transported by trailer or so as not moving at the moment.


If you know anyone good let me know


Many thanks


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This is the state of my bagheera after a 2 year still going on restauration,and my car was in use till the very end (30 years),the bagheera  you describe will be full of unpleasant surprises after been let out in the open,bringing yours back to a functional state could be a nightmare.

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at Bristol Engineering Based in Westbury Wiltshire can offer a full range of
services on your classic, Historic vehicle.

Full restoration, 

Part restoration,


Race/Rally preparation,

Parts Manufacture, etc


+44 (0)1373 823603

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Oh dear

This is going to cost me more than the car itself.


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Well it depends on what you require, we can tailor to
your requirements and budget to further your project as far as possible within
your budget, such as taking care of the more complex items that you may not be
able to do yourself.

You can always drop us a line to discuss your needs in




01373 823603