Cars I have owned since 1962 to present day

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Hi,heres my list since `86 when I passed 2nd time - morris minor battleship grey with red pin stripe,2-door blue chevette hatchback , 2-door white chevette saloon,4-door Hillman Avenger 1500 super (what a comfy cruising motor),Rover 2000Auto P6,Austin Allegro Vanden Plas,Rover 3500s P6 x3 (what a motor - as good in real life as they  were in the sweeney!), Austin Allegro 1300,Triumph Toledo,Triumph Dolomite 1500 x2,Triumph Acclaim,Mini Metro (yellow with black MG boot and bonnet,I called it bidge it was a lovely reliable little car),another Metro,a VW Golf,a Gordon-Keeble,a Landrover Discovery,another Gordon-Keeble and lastly an exciting silver Skoda Fabia.My god how exciting my driving history was - before the Golf I was definetly Backing Britain!Pity they  ( Rover,Triumph, Austin, Hillman) have all gone!Cheers now from Rick Emerson!

Rick Emerson

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Since 1986, in order but the TVRs have followed each other:
1970 TVR Vixen - bought at 19 and took the body off in my parent's garage.
1978 TVR Taimar - more practical daily but the "professional" rebuild was less reliable than mine had been.
1981 VW Jetta mk1 - cheaper to buy than a years insurance on the Taimar.
1979 Opel Manta SR berlinetta auto - went everywhere like Russell Brookes.
1984 BMW 318 (E30) - well passed it's best but great fun, and I still have the TVR registration that it came with.
1993 BMW 316i (E36) - Slow but well built and comfortable.
1979 TVR 3000S turbo - Fast, thirsty and costs a fortune to run, but I'll never sell it.
2001 BMW 320d touring - All time holder of the record from Keighley to Chandler's Ford in 3 hours 22 minutes, and it still did 44mpg.
1960 TVR Grantura mk1 - Allegedly, well my Dad tells me the bits are still in his garage...
1965 Triang Royal Prince pedal car - bought at Beaulieu last year and restored for my little boy (who can almost reach the pedals now).


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its great wasting time reading this thread,i only past my test at 22 but i have had some interesting cars in the past 11 years,

1973 humber sceptre brown wth black roof,this was pure luxury after my dads mk2 escort great engine but slid round every corner,taught me a lot about oversteeer from a young age!

1985 ford capri laser 2.0 i was into the professionals back then and used to play a cd with the theme tune at full blast how sad is that?

1988 nissan micra [the insurance on the capri was making me skint]

1992 renault clio 1.4rt zzzzzzzzzz

1988 isuzu piazza turbo handling by lotus great in a straight line not so good on a wet corner even worse when wrapped round a lampost![silly boy]

1987 audi gt 2.2 lovely engine sound,and nice to drive wish i never sold it.

hyundai lantra 94,quite possibly the worst handling car i have ever driven.

1990 rover 216 gsi great engine and very reliable but dull.

1994 peugeot 309 gti bought of an 83 year old guy who was giving up driving,superb handling but lowered suspension meant backache was never far away

1997 peugeot 406 v6 superb engine but electrical faults galore got wriitten off by an escort driver using it as a braking point

1985 isuzu piazza turbo do i never learn? actually a bit of a steal at just £265 on ebay the same amount again and it flew through the mot the only car i haveever sold at a profit and its still on the road!

1992 volvo 940 lpt turbo 178k but run like a dream with no problems but like driving a sofa!

1994 bmw 540 e34 the best car i have ever owned fantastic engine was music but i would of lost my licence if i had kept it any longer!

1986 volkswagen scirocco gt great to drive but i barely fitted in it.

1988 renault 25 gtx i bought it because i liked the shape as for the rest of the car......

1986 nissan silvia turbo great fun to drive sideaways,but the turbo blew and sold it for parts

1995 subaru legacy gl estate good to drive but thirsty

and my current drive,

1991 lancia thema s2 16v,bought for just £250 from a honest guy who owned it for 10 years spent the same on getting it back on the road and still going strong and its unique,according to a certain website its the only s2 thema auto still on the road!

you never know one day i might buy a sensible car.......

if i stopped buying old cars maybe i would have some money in the bank!

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Bob - I think you may be interested in my illustrated list and commentary thereon- it is at and starts a few years before yours, but with some similarities !


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James - at last you have taken me up on my suggestion of  many many moons ago - in case you've forgotten where it was , it is at - fully illustrated and commented - hope your readers will be interested therein.


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 I have owned the following (starting with the Morris8E aged 17 in 1970 having just passed my test; and none purchased new, except my current Toyota.)  The gap between Saab and Subaru is partly explained because I lived  abroad.

1) 1948 Series E Morris 8; (2) 1967 Saab 96V4; (3)1978 Subaru 4wd estate;(4) 1983 Toyota Tercel hatchback;

(5)1966 Morris Minor Traveller 'ERS 959 D' ; (6) 1968 Morris Minor Pick~up 'RFN 411G' (currently owned in UK)  

Here on Nevis, West Indies  (my home since 1987)  I first owned a variety of low powered Yamaha motorcycles and currently a  1962 Austin A40 Farina and a 2004 Toyota hi lux pick up 








if an Aston Martin can be found lost & recovered from a forest maybe there is hope for this DB6 Volante stolen/ lost almost 40 years ago in France; British registration number UPP 900 E 

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These are the cars I've owned since passing my test in 1980,

1970 Mk1 ford Escort,

1971 MG Midget,

Dutton Sierra Drophead,

Ford Fiesta Supersport,

1986 Ford Fiesta XR2 (White),

1988 Ford Fiesta XR2 (Grey), Both brand new,

1984 Mini Mayfair,

1989 Honda CRX,

1987 Ford Orion Injection Ghia,

Rover 420 SLDi

2001 Alfa Romeo Sportwagon,

2007 Ford Ka,

Currently driving the Alfa and Ka.





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About 18 cars in about 25 years. In this order:

  1. 1980 Mk2 Escort 1.3L
  2. 1988 Fiat Panda 1000
  3. 1969 MGB GT
  4. Fiat Punto 90ELX (company car)
  5. Lancia HPE  (company car)
  6. Chrysler PT Cruiser (company car)
  7. 1962 MG Midget
  8. 1978 Chevrolet Caprice Classic
  9. Citroen Xsara Picasso (company car, against my will)
  10. 1977 Ford Thunderbird
  11. Volvo V50  (company car)
  12. 1952 Chrysler Saratoga
  13. Volvo V50 again (company car)
  14. 1953 Ford F100 Pickup
  15. 1965 Chevrolet Suburban
  16. Fiat Bravo (company car)
  17. 1974 DAF YA66 Army Jeep
  18. Audi A4 (company car)


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Great list, mine started at the age of 15 with a 1954 VW Beetle, Mk 1 Cortina x 2,Austin A40 Devon,Humber Sceptre,Chrysler 180,Jaguar Mk 2 3.8, Jaguar Mk 2 3.4, Mk2 Cortina, Mini Cooper x 2, Rover P6 V8, VW Nova 2.2 (same one bob?) 1959 VW Beetle cab,Citroen Dyane X 2, Mercedes 200, Chysler Alpine S (may be the last one left in UK?),Silva Leader 1.6 X-flow, 1972 Porsche 911 T, Citroen BX GTi, BMW 318, Mercedes 200T,Mercedes 280 TE, and last but not leased a VW 1302LS cab that has taken 7years to re-build! Plus 16 company cars that were mostly so dull they don't warrant inclusion.