Cars I have owned since 1962 to present day

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Hi Bob, What was the reg no of your VW Nova 2.2? I had one 1978-1981 . It was 70's lime green gel coat which I painted Jag Carman red.

It also had a 2.2 lump, a Autocaven unit with roller bearing crank, pushed out about 150 bhp. It was featured in the now defunct Street Machine mag with two other Nova's. It was a great car which turned heads were ever it went. Unfortunately for every 99 people that went wow!, the 100th hit it!

I have never had an accident in any car before or since but the Nova was hit six times!

Thank for reminding me of all those cars and a lot of fun times.

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i owned:

fiat 500 (old version)

renault r4

renault supercinque

alfa giulietta 1.3

opel ascona

fiat 127

bmw 318 compact

alfa romeo 156 twin spark selespeed

and now i am waiting for the next production version of the fiesta st.

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Excluding motorbikes, since 1956 (maybe some forgotten), but an interesting variation ?

1934 Austin
Ruby (£2 10s – purchase!)

1933 Austin
Ruby (£4 – purchase – wow push the boat out!)

(not bought!) 1932 Austin
Chummy – (£5 -too rusty!!)

Driving Test 1958 – then student

1958 -1947 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

in 1959 - 1952 MG TD (£220 purchase – sold 1965 for £350)

pudding company cars !

1964 Austin

1966 Austin

1964 Cortina 1500 Estate

1966 Rover 2000

1968 Rover 3500

1970 Capri 1600

1971 Capri

Back to private ownership!!!!

in 1967 – bought 1967 Wolseley
6/90 for a pint of beer (thanks Lee Marvin!) and sold the next day for £25 –
not registered in my name, does this count?

1971 BMW 2002 tii

1970 Jaguar E – Series
II fixed head convertible

Move to US, Chicago, Ill

1974 Buick Cutlass

1975 Oldsmobile

1961 Pontiac Safari Wagon
(full house model: still owned - at cousin’s in Los

Back to Germany

1970 Jaguar E – series
II fhc (as above)

1974 VW Westfalia

1976 Ford Taunus /

Off to Australia!

1968 Ford Falcon
Station Wagon 302 V8

More company cars!!

1978 Mitsubishi Sigma

1979 Ford Falcon 6

1983 Ford Fairlane

1987 Ford Fairlane

1990 Ford Fairlane Ghia

1993 Ford Fairlane Ghia
Sportsman Tickford (4.2 litre with Honda VVT)

1996 Ford Fairlane
Ghia Sportsman Tickford(4.2 litre with Honda VVT)

1999 Ford Fairlane
Ghia Sportsman (5.8 litre)

All the above,
typically 80.000km per year

Private Purchases

in 1994 1972 Triumph
TR6 – purchased Arizona, nut & bolt rebuild in Australia, exported to UK in
2008, re-registered in France 2011 – round the world, and a bit, still own!

in 2003 – Renault 5 –
cost £250 – sold 17,000 miles and four months later for
£220! – a pre-retirement tour of Europe

in 2006 – Peugeot 405 tDi – purchased when
working in Paris
for 12 months

in 2008 – 1997 Peugeot 306 turbo diesel 1.9
– still own

in 2009 – 2002 Citroen C5 Station Wagon 2.0
TD LX  - still own



BMW 2002 Tii – 50% in 2 years- but I drove UK- Germany each month at 12
pence per mile – compensation!

– E-type Series II – 310 miles in 3
hours – Frankfurt, Germany
to Linz, Austria in company with an unknown
Porsche 911

- Triumph TR6 PI – Sydney to Cairns
& return 2006 – but let’s forget Exeter
to Bergerac (France) in December 2008 – top down and minus 8C to minus 4C on

– sorry guys the 1993 Ford Fairlane Ghia
Sportsman – 204.000 km and no problems  -
with 250 bhp, a great and very reliable car

– 1964 – getting stopped by a policeman
in Earls Court
– 2am- “follow that car” – An Aston Martin DB5!!! I failed


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Starting with the first back in 1989:


BMW 528i-81

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0-84

BMW M535i-86

Alfa Romeo 75 3.0 V6-89

Citroen GSA Pallas-81

Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0-78

Lotus Excel SE-88

Peugeot 504 GL-77

Opel Omega-96

Alfa Romeo 90 2.5 V6-86

Alfa Romeo 90 2.5 V6-85

Peugeot 406 3.0 V6 Estate-99

Alfa Romeo 164 Q4 3.0 V6-94

Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1.8-76

Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0-78

Citroen XM V6 24V-91

Citroen Xantia 2.0 Estate-97

Alfa Romeo GTV6-83

Peugeot 607 3.0 V6-01

Citroen Dyane 6-69

Citroen C5 3.0 V6 Estate-02

Citroen DSpecial 2.0-74

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI-06

BMW 3.0si-75

BMW 2500-75

Dont think i forgot anyone,if i did it was probably to dull to remember:)

Claes B

harris speedster
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Hello from the US.

New to the site, been enjoying myself reading all the posts and topics.

 I have been a classic car nut since 1969 and dealer since 1989, have had a lot of vintage automobiles;

Owned and brokered many automobiles as a licensed and bonded dealer, just a small time guy, no big dealer or big name whatsoever.

Would be willing to help anyone herein this site from the US if you need my pea brain for whatever.

1929 Austin Bantam, 1935 Harris fwd Speedster, 1940 Ford Conv, 1949 & 50 ford woody wagons, 9 > 55-57 birds inc F, D & E's, 63 vette fuelie, 46> 65-70 Shelbys,

3> ac cobra's, 4 Jags, 150s and three XKE roadsters, 11> Cudas, 440 mags, 4 > 440 six packs and 5 Hemi's, 68 GTX Hemi conv, Dodge daytona hemi, 8> boss 302 and boss eliminator, 8> Boss 9's, 13 Miata's, 4 Intermeccanica Italia's, 2> tr-6's, alfa Gulitta, 6> RR's I sent to Ray Arnold in England, 7> 190-280 mercedes sl's .

Guess thats plenty to list to let you all know I am a bonifide car nut>>

Did forget, almost owned the infamous Tucker conv>> that is until we picked up our deposit and contract and walked away from it, Tucker Club under john for posting, we are the others mentioned on ESPN and other channels etc.

Tracked down the 57 daytona battle bird, lost cobra coupe, Brera's ferrari and countless others.

Glad to be a part of the community herein Classic and Sports car.

Warmest regards,


Home of the exotic 1935 Harris fwd speedster

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I have been following this forum for ages, and just decided to register as at last someone has posted something exciting.

The story of the Harris Speedster is interesting and I have spent the last couple of weeks Googling and researching what I could find out and it seems you lucked into a piece of automotive history.  I also have that old SIA feature from 1989, but thought that was the end of it.

Keep us informed of progress but if the editorial staff are reading this I would suggest it is the first find on here that would deserve following up for a full feature in the magazine.

How about it?


harris speedster
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Thank you so much for your generous compliments and in taking your time in searching out the scattered articles on Bens Creation, they make my effort, as well as many others, all worth it  !!

It has been a long 24 year research project, and we did not stake the claim as it being the first futuristic exotic automobile in the world "lightly"

I have had many historians, both racing archivists and automobile scholars from around the world help. Credit has to go to them also, and they will all be listed in the story.

In all we have accumulated over 400 pages in text docs, pictures, national magazines, race tracks Ben sanctioned into the infant years of the SCCA and FIA, presidents of the US, many of the greatest automobile designers in US history, some of the most famous known US and European race drivers and friends such as Harley Earl, Gordon Buerhig, Duesenberg family, Cunningham, Phil Hill, Rodriguez brothers, Wilbur Shaw, right down to Preston Tucker asking Ben to design a new car for him and Bens brother getting the second alloy bodied 120 Jag in the US>> and on and on.

It has truly been an adventure, and whats really scary, we know there is much more.

I am but the keeper of Bens Creation, and feel that his story, as well as the speedsters story needs to be told in full for all to enjoy.

If you do collect old European magazines and have the time, we are searching for two or three magazines from over your way that featured Ben and the Speedster.

Era>> 1936-1939 and then from around 1949-1957.

Each time I walk by the Speedster, I am still amazed of what this very special man built, and more so,  that his 15 first's, even though modernized, are still in use to this very day. This is all furthered by no other automobile ever built, before or after, accomplishing this feat again.

It is truly only 6 inches off the ground, no higher, longer or heavier than a D-Type Jag or an early Ferrari TR built decades later.

Again Sir, thank you so much for your posting and generous compliments.

With respect and warmest regards,




Home of the exotic 1935 Harris fwd speedster

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John, I will keep in touch. I am currently in the good ol' US of A too but I do have some useful contacts for European material if needed. Do you have any leads on which magazines or dates might have what you want? There should be more known about Swindler's attempts at an Austin V8 too. Gordon Buerhig is well documented, but prior to his tenure at Auburn Cord there was an ill-fated Auburn Cabin Speedster designed by Wade Morton and destroyed in the famous fire at the LA Auto Show. Ben's brother H.H. was one of those who was quick to put down a deposit, but the car was never delivered. Is this the same brother who later bought the Jaguar?

harris speedster
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No, unfortunatly I do not have exact dates of the European magazines !! sigh<<

I stated the era's of 1936-1939 and 1949- 1957 because the Speedster was scattered in about 14 different national magazines in those time frames.

My assumption is based upon this ? logical thought and that other magazines bring forth other articles when they read an interesting feature.

I have contacted historical societies and archivists in Ohio regarding Swindler, >> have had no luck whatsoever in tracing anything more on him or any family. Perhaps his legacy lies within building the worlds first twin cam, twin ignition, dual carburated V-8 in the world, which ended up powering Ben's Speedster.  I was going to bring up the question of Swindler in the web site which is not open as of yet>> and had hopes someone might come forth and add to Swindlers history. This is the site I linked too in my original request for help in searching out the European magazines>> the one with Marylin in the cockpit.

Wow, you are really quite knowledgable about ACD cars, most , in general, never knew the Auburn Cabin Speedster was built.

Some say and have written, that Wade patented the design, but yet others credit it to another designer, some things in history are debatable.

Case in point, Gordon patented his famous cord design, but yet changed his headlights locations from the sides of the fenders to the front of his fender design in early 1935>>> kind of funny and ironic, because Bens built/design incorporated the headlights into the front end of the Speedster in late 1934-early 1935, soooo, there is a little whimsical fact of two people that were life long friends, perhaps debatable as above as patents go.

Bens brother went by Harry, even though his birth name was Henry, don't know why though.

Yes, you are correct on both counts, Ben explicity writes that Harry did receieve the 2nd alloy bodied Jag 120 sent to the states, wonder where that car is now, does anybody know, as there are quite a few Jag people herein this site ????

Another for the books, Ben mentions many rare cars that his family owned, one being a Marmon Speedster that was specially built for his father, Ben wrote that he placed the order after Roy Haroun won the 1911 Indy race with a Marmon Wasp>>> wonder where this car may be???

This again is why I truly want to get the web site open on the man and machine, these cars will probaly be known and identified, to the delite of the current owners, let alone>> there are 6-7 more>> are you smiling and wondering !!!

A fasinating story lays within this special man, his life and the Special automobile he engineered and built.

You really made me think hard, you forced me to go dig through my mounds of research and docs to answer your questions pistonbroke !!!!

Made me smile and I am sure others herein also, as I personally do enjoy your historical knowledge brought forth, cooool !!!!!,

I would bet that you have had quite a few automobiles in your life>>> perhaps share them herein ?

Warmest regards,





Home of the exotic 1935 Harris fwd speedster

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The Auburn Cabin Speester was originally designed by Wade Morton, the ACD test driver, but it is thought that Alan H. Leamy Auburn's design chief had some input. R.H. Robinson was an Auburn draftsman at the time and also claimed the credit bit he was most likely working under Morton's direction. Strangely, the body was built by Griswold's bicycle factory in Detroit. Good luck with the website, that will be a useful resource as soon as it goes public and hopefully posts like this on any and all forums you can find will attract enough folks to find all the answers.